VRK Womens Medical College Admission 2023-Cut off, Fees, Ranking, MBBS

VRK Womens Medical College Admission 2023-Cut off, Fees, Ranking, MBBS

Dr. VRK Women's Medical College: A Top Women's Medical School in Hyderabad

In Aziznagar, Telangana, there is a top medical school for women called Dr VRK Women's Medical College. The Dr N T R University of Health Sciences is linked with the college, which was founded in 2010–2011. Both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI) have approved it.

The college accepts 100 new students each year into its 5-year MBBS programme. The MBBS program's curriculum is created to give students a thorough education in the medical sciences. The college also features a teaching hospital with a 500-bed capacity that is well-equipped. Students get the chance to acquire real-world experience in a clinical setting thanks to the hospital.

Dr. VRK Women's Medical College is dedicated to giving women top-notch medical training. The college's staff is made up of skilled and seasoned clinicians who are committed to giving students the best instruction possible. The college also boasts cutting-edge facilities, such as contemporary classrooms, labs, and libraries.

Strong alumni connections at the college offer assistance to both students and graduates. Students and potential employers can be connected through the alumni network.


At Dr. VRK Women's Medical College, the MBBS programme has an annual tuition cost of INR 70,000. The college also levies an annual hostel fee of INR 10,000.

How to Use

Students may take the National Eligibility Comprehension Entrance Test (NEET) to apply for admission to Dr. VRK Women's Medical College. The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the NEET exam each year.


Students who can show they have a need for funding can apply for a variety of scholarships from Dr VRK Women's Medical College. Any student can apply for a scholarship, regardless of background.


Providing a top-notch education, Dr. VRK Women's Medical College is a prestigious medical school for women. The college features a solid faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and a helpful alumni network. Dr VRK Women's Medical College is a fantastic choice if you're seeking for a medical school that can give you the greatest education available.

Additional information about the college is provided below:

The area where the college is situated is tranquil and pleasant.

The college's campus is well-kept, with emerald green lawns and lit walkways.

There is a library at the college with a sizable collection of books and periodicals.

Modern computers and software can be found in the college's computer lab.

There is a sports complex at the college with equipment for several different sports.

The college includes a canteen where you may get clean, reasonably priced cuisine.

Students can stay in the hostel at the college in cosy quarters.

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