Manipal Academy of Higher Education - [MAHE], Manipal

Manipal Academy of Higher Education - [MAHE], Manipal

Higher Education at Manipal (MAHE)

Private university Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is situated in Manipal, Karnataka, India. It is one of India's biggest private institutions and was established in 1953 by T.M.A. Pai. Over 350 programs are available via MAHE in 30 different fields, including engineering, medicine, business, law, and the humanities.


One of the best institutions in India, MAHE is a well-known institution of higher learning. The institution has an excellent academic standing, and its faculty is well-known across the globe. The research conducted by MAHE is also strongly focused on publication in prestigious international publications.


Why Select MAHE?

There are various reasons why you could decide to attend MAHE for your studies. Here are a few examples:


High-quality instruction: MAHE is one of India's top institutions, and its faculty is well-known worldwide. At MAHE, you'll get a top-notch education.

Excellent research possibilities are available at MAHE, which has a strong research emphasis and engaged academic members. At MAHE, you will have the chance to take part in cutting-edge research.

Beautiful campus: MAHE is situated in Manipal, Karnataka, on a stunning campus. The campus is kept up nicely and offers everything you need for academic success.

Student body from all over the globe including India makes up MAHE's varied student population. You will have the chance to interact with individuals from all cultures and learn from them.

MAHE has a thriving student life that is quite active. At MAHE, there are a variety of groups and activities to choose from, so you'll never get bored.

Is MAHE Value for Money?

Since MAHE is a private institution, its tuition costs are greater than those of public institutions. However, a lot of students think MAHE is priceless. Some of the explanations are as follows:


superior education: Compared to other government colleges, MAHE offers a superior education. The facilities are superior, and the faculty is more knowledgeable and competent.

More options: Compared to the majority of government colleges, MAHE provides more options for research and extracurricular activities.

Better employment prospects: MAHE graduates are more likely to find employment than graduates from the majority of government colleges.

Free Tools for MAHE Candidates

For the purpose of getting ready for their applications and interviews, MAHE candidates may make use of a variety of free tools. The following are a few of the most beneficial sources:


the admissions process, the curriculum, and student life are just a few of the topics covered on the university's website, MAHE.

The MAHE blog is a fantastic resource for finding the most recent news and details about the institution.

The MAHE alumni organization can provide you insightful commentary and suggestions from both current and previous students.

The NEET forum: If you're looking to interact with other students studying for the NEET test, the NEET forum is a fantastic location to do it.


MAHE is a fantastic choice if you're seeking for a top-notch education. The institution boasts a distinguished academic history, a beautiful campus, and a multicultural student population. MAHE is definitely a program worth looking into if you have the money for the tuition.


Additional Details

Here are some more details concerning MAHE in addition to what was already stated:


Five campuses make up the university: Manipal, Mangalore, Sikkim, Dubai, and Malaysia.

Over 30,000 students are enrolled in MAHE.

There are more than 2,000 professors at the institution.

Over 100 research institutions and centers are part of MAHE.

According to the QS World University Rankings, MAHE is one of the top 100 universities in Asia.

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