Mangalore's Kasturba Medical College (KMC)

Mangalore's Kasturba Medical College (KMC)

Mangalore's Kasturba Medical College (KMC)


In Mangalore, Karnataka, India, there is a private medical school called Kasturba Medical College (KMC). One of the constituent institutions of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), it was founded in 1953. One of the top medical schools in the world is KMC Mangalore, a prestigious institution in India.





A pioneer in the field of education, T.M.A. Pai, created KMC Mangalore in 1953. Kasturba Gandhi, the husband of Mahatma Gandhi, is the name of the college. The first self-supporting medical college in India was KMC Mangalore.




The five-year undergraduate MBBS programme is offered at KMC Mangalore. Additionally, the institution provides postgraduate programmes in a range of specialisations, including MD, MS, and DM. The Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Manipal University are both partners in the KMC Mangalore.




The campus of KMC Mangalore is well-equipped with contemporary amenities. The college contains a sports facility, a hospital, a dormitory, and a library. It has 1,000 beds and serves as a teaching hospital for KMC Mangalore. The hospital, which offers all primary medical services, is a tertiary care facility.




One of India's leading medical schools is KMC Mangalore. KMC Mangalore was rated 30th among Indian medical schools in the NIRF 2023 rankings. Various worldwide rankings have included the institution among the best medical schools in the globe.




The National Eligibility Cumulation Entrance Test (NEET) is required for admission to KMC Mangalore. India's national admission test for medical schools is called NEET. The KMC Mangalore admissions threshold is often quite high.




Around INR 4 lakhs in tuition is required for the MBBS programme at KMC Mangalore each year. Depending on the specialisation, different postgraduate courses have different costs.




Students may apply for a variety of scholarships from KMC Mangalore. Merit, financial need, and other factors are taken into consideration while awarding the scholarships.




Excellent placement results may be attributed to KMC Mangalore. A placement cell at the institution assists students in finding employment following graduation. For MBBS graduates from KMC Mangalore, the average annual remuneration package is about INR 6 lakhs.




India's foremost medical school is KMC Mangalore. The institution boasts first-rate facilities and provides education of the highest calibre. A wonderful option for those who wish to study medicine is KMC Mangalore.


Free Materials


Students have access to a variety of free materials in addition to the academic and extracurricular resources provided by KMC Mangalore. These sources consist of:


The KMC Mangalore website offers information about the school, its programmes, and its resources.

The KMC Mangalore library provides a selection of publications on a range of medical subjects, including books, journals, and other materials.

Students get the chance to obtain clinical experience at the KMC hospital in Mangalore.

The KMC Mangalore alumni group offers assistance and networking possibilities for students.

These free tools might be a great help to KMC Mangalore students. They may assist students in expanding their knowledge of medicine, gaining clinical experience, and forming relationships with peers and professionals.

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