Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences Hyderabad Admission 2023-24

Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences Hyderabad Admission 2023-24

A private medical college in Hyderabad is called Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences (MRIMS).

Private medical school Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences (MRIMS) is situated in Hyderabad, Telangana. The institution was established in 2012 and is a part of the Warangal-based Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has authorised the 5-year MBBS programme at MRIMS.

The college has a large campus that spans more than 100 acres. Modern amenities like classrooms, labs, libraries, hostels, and a hospital are well-equipped on the site. The hospital, a multispecialty facility with 1050 beds, offers students top-notch clinical training.

MRIMS has a faculty that is quite skilled. Doctors and researchers with extensive expertise make up the faculty, and they are dedicated to giving students the best instruction possible. Additionally, the college boasts a large network of alums who may support and mentor students throughout their medical careers.

The following is the fee schedule for the MBBS programme at MRIMS:

For residential students, the first year costs INR 19.5 lakhs, while successive years cost INR 19.0 lakhs.

Day students will pay INR 18.5 lakhs their first year and INR 18.0 lakhs their following years.

The fee covers the cost of tuition, dorm lodging, meal plans, and other incidentals.

For students seeking a top-notch medical education in a private institution, MRIMS is a fantastic option. The college has an excellent academic standing, a modern campus, and a committed faculty. MRIMS should unquestionably be on your list of colleges to take into consideration if you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Here are some testimonials for MRIMS from former clients and students:

"MRIMS is a fantastic university with top-notch faculty and resources. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would unquestionably suggest it to others. Student Akash Reddy

Although incredibly demanding, the MBBS programme at MRIMS is also very rewarding. I gained a lot of knowledge while I was here, and I am sure that this will make me a wonderful doctor. Student Sneha Reddy

"The MRIMS hospital is fantastic. I had the chance to work with some of the top medical professionals in the nation, and I gained a lot from them. I am quite appreciative of the clinical experience I obtained at MRIMS. - Student Anusha Reddy

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