Bharat Ayurved Medical College Muzaffarnagar 2024-25

Bharat Ayurved Medical College Muzaffarnagar 2024-25

BAMS Admissions 2024 in Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar: Admissions, Counselling, Courses, and More

The Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre,  Muzaffarnagar is a prestigious institution for Ayurvedic education in India. Located in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, this college is dedicated to providing high-quality education in Ayurvedic medicine. 

It is recognized as one of the Top BAMS Colleges in Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh. If you are considering BAMS admission in Muzaffarnagar or looking into UP Ayush Admission 2024, this guide will provide all the essential details about this esteemed college.



College Name

Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar


Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh




Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut

Courses Offered

BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

Total Seats


Fee Structure

Approximately ₹45,000 per year

Official Website

Eligibility Criteria

To gain admission into this Top Private Ayush College in Delhi NCR, candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Educational Qualification Candidates must have completed their 10+2 education with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  2. Age Limit Candidates should be at least 17 years old as of December 31st of the year of admission.
  3. Entrance Exam Aspirants must qualify for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), which is a mandatory requirement for UP Ayush Admission 2024.
  4. Domicile Requirement Candidates must fulfill the domicile criteria of Uttar Pradesh if they are seeking state quota seats.
  5. Meeting these criteria ensures that only the most dedicated and capable students are admitted to the Top Ayurvedic College in Muzaffarnagar, maintaining a high standard of education and training.

Admission Process

Bharat Ayurved Medical College Muzaffarnagar 2024-25

The admission process for BAMS Admission in Muzaffarnagar at the Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar involves several steps:

  1. NEET Examination Candidates must appear and secure a valid score in the NEET exam.
  2. Application Form After the NEET results are announced, candidates must fill out the application form available on the official website of UP Ayush Admission 2024.
  3. Counseling The Directorate General of Medical Education and Training, Uttar Pradesh, conducts the counseling process. Candidates must register online for the counseling sessions.
  4. Document Verification During counseling, candidates need to present their original documents for verification. These include educational certificates, NEET scorecards, domicile certificates, and identity proof.
  5. Seat Allotment Based on the NEET score and counseling sessions, seats are allocated to the candidates. The college releases a merit list and candidates are allotted seats accordingly.
  6. Admission Confirmation After seat allotment, candidates must report to the college for admission confirmation and fee payment.

This structured process ensures transparency and fairness in selecting candidates for the Top BAMS College in Delhi NCR.

Courses Offered, Total Seats, and Fees

The Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar, offers a comprehensive BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) program. Here's a detailed look at the course, seats, and fee structure:

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

  1. Duration 5.5 years (including 1-year internship)
  2. Total Seats 100
  3. Fee Structure The approximate fee per year is ₹45,000, making it an affordable option for many students.
  4. Course Details The BAMS course is divided into three professional courses and an internship. The curriculum covers various subjects related to Ayurveda and modern medicine.

First Professional Course

  1. Duration 1.5 years
  2. Subjects Ayurvedic Samhita, Sanskrit, Kriya Sharir (Physiology), Padartha Vigyan and Ayurved Itihas, Ashtanga Hridaya (Sutrasthana).

Second Professional Course

  1. Duration 1.5 years
  2. Subjects Dravyaguna Vigyan (Materia Medica and Pharmacology), Rasa Shastra, Charaka Samhita (Purvardha), and Agad Tantra Vyavahar Ayurved and Vidhi Vaidyaka.

Third Professional Course

  1. Duration 1.5 years
  2. Subjects Charaka Samhita (Uttarardha), Shalakya Tantra (ENT, Dentistry, and Ophthalmology), Stri Roga & Prasuti Tantra (Gynaecology and Obstetrics), and Panchakarma.


  1. Duration 1 year
  2. Details The internship involves practical training in the college hospital, where students get hands-on experience in treating patients and applying Ayurvedic principles.

The BAMS program at the Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar, provides students with a well-rounded education in both traditional and modern medicine, preparing them for a successful career in Ayurveda.

Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Muzaffarnagar: Provided Facilities 

The Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar stands out for several reasons, making it the Best BAMS College in Muzaffarnagar:

Experienced Faculty: The college has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members dedicated to providing top-notch education and training.

Modern Facilities: The college has modern facilities, including well-maintained laboratories, a comprehensive library, and advanced research centers.

Clinical Exposure: Students get extensive clinical exposure through the college's hospital, where they interact with patients and learn to diagnose and treat various ailments using Ayurvedic medicine.

Research Opportunities: The college encourages research in Ayurveda, providing students with opportunities to contribute to the advancement of this ancient science.

Cultural Heritage: The college emphasizes the importance of cultural heritage and traditional knowledge, integrating these aspects into the curriculum to foster a holistic learning environment.

These features ensure that students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for successful careers in Ayurveda. The focus on traditional practices and modern advancements makes this institution a leader in Ayurvedic education.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Bharat Ayurved Medical College Muzaffarnagar 2024-25

The Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar, has a modern and spacious campus designed to support both academic and extracurricular activities. The college has well-equipped lecture halls, modern laboratories, and a library with a vast collection of books and journals on Ayurveda and modern medicine. The associated hospital provides students with practical training and exposure to real-world medical scenarios.

The college also has hostels for outstation students, ensuring a comfortable stay. The hostels are equipped with all the necessary amenities, providing a conducive environment for study and relaxation. The campus also includes sports facilities, promoting physical fitness and well-being among students.

Community and Alumni Network

The community at Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar, is vibrant and supportive. Students have the opportunity to participate in various cultural and academic events, which help in their overall development. The college also boasts a strong alumni network, with graduates working in prestigious positions across the globe. This network provides current students with mentorship and career opportunities.

The college's alumni network is particularly strong, with many graduates holding prominent positions in both government and private sectors. This network not only provides support and guidance to current students but also helps in creating job opportunities for them.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar, have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. They can work as Ayurvedic practitioners, researchers, educators, or consultants. Many graduates also pursue higher studies in Ayurveda or allied fields. The college's emphasis on both traditional and modern practices ensures that students are well-prepared for various career paths in the healthcare industry.

In addition to clinical practice, graduates can also find employment in Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies, wellness centers, and government healthcare services. The demand for Ayurvedic practitioners is increasing globally, providing ample opportunities for graduates.

Research and Development

The Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar, encourages students to engage in research and development activities. The college has advanced research centers where students can research various aspects of Ayurveda. The research work conducted by the college has contributed significantly to the advancement of Ayurvedic science.

The college also collaborates with various national and international research institutions, providing students with opportunities to participate in collaborative research projects. These research activities not only enhance the knowledge and skills of students but also contribute to the development of new Ayurvedic treatments and medicines.

Student Life and Extracurricular Activities

Life at Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar, is not just about academics. The college encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities, including sports, cultural events, and social service activities. These activities help in the overall development of students, promoting teamwork, leadership, and social responsibility.

The college organizes various events and festivals throughout the year, providing students with a platform to showcase their talents and skills. These events also help in fostering a sense of community and belonging among students.


Choosing the Bharat Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Muzaffarnagar is a wise decision for anyone aspiring to pursue a career in Ayurveda. With its excellent academic record, experienced faculty, and comprehensive curriculum, it truly stands out as the Top Ayurvedic College in Muzaffarnagar. If you are considering BAMS Admission in Muzaffarnagar or looking for the Top BAMS College in Delhi NCRUP Ayush Admission 2024Top Private Ayush College in Delhi NCR, or the Best BAMS College in Muzaffarnagar, this college is an excellent choice. Its blend of traditional Ayurvedic education and modern facilities ensures a holistic and rewarding learning experience, preparing students for successful careers in the field of Ayurveda

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