MMC Chennai Cut Off 2023: All the Information You Need


One of India's most esteemed medical schools is Madras Medical College (MMC). It is a part of the University of Madras and is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The 5-year MBBS program offered by MMC is quite competitive.


The minimal NEET score necessary for enrollment in the MBBS program at MMC is known as the MMC cut off. Each group of students, such as general, SC, ST, and OBC, has a separate cutoff. The amount of places available and the students' NEET performance determine the cut off, which varies from year to year.


The 2023 MMC cut off has not yet been made public. For general category candidates, the projected cut off in NEET 2023 is a score between 630 and 720. Students who identify as OBC, SC, or ST will have a lower cutoff.


This table shows the MMC cut off for recent years:


Year General Category SC/ST/OBC Category
2022 797 630
2021 754 587
2020 720 553

Only those who do very well on the NEET test will be admitted to MMC due to the extremely high cutoff. You should start studying for NEET as soon as you can if you want to apply to MMC. Additionally, make sure you have a solid academic foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics.


The performance in the interview and your extracurricular activities are two additional considerations for admission to MMC in addition to your NEET score. The NEET score is the most crucial component, however, and a high score is required to have a chance of being admitted to MMC.


You should start preparing for NEET right now if you want to study medicine at MMC. Online and at libraries, you may discover resources for NEET preparation. To assist you in studying for the test, you may also enroll in a coaching class.


You should now have some knowledge of the MMC Chennai shut off thanks to this site, I hope. Wishing you success with your planning!


Here are some more pointers to help you study for the NEET and improve your chances of being accepted to MMC:


Early preparation is key for NEET. You'll have ample time to cover all the material and practice answering questions if you do this.

Join a coaching class or do your homework with some buddies. You'll be able to learn from one another and remain motivated as a result.

take frequent practice exams. You may use this to determine your strengths and weaknesses and to get a sense of what to anticipate on the test itself.

On the test day, maintain your composure and attention. If you come across a question that you're not sure how to respond to, don't freak out. Simply disregard it and return to it later.

Best of luck to you as you get ready for NEET!

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